Thursday, January 5, 2012

I certainly do travel a lot these days

I am currently sitting at gate D30 in the Atlanta airport waiting for the flight that will take me to Christopher. By the time I get to the hotel tonight, I will have been in SIX airports within four days. That makes me feel like a business woman, except I don’t travel in heels or have a genuine leather suitcase. I’m more of a sneaker-wearing, gum-chewing kind of traveler.

I’ll only see Christopher for two days, but for those two days I won’t have to worry that my phone might be dead when he calls and we won’t be able to talk. I’ll just look over and there he will be. On my way home from Phoenix on Monday I had a two hour layover in Cleveland. (You know what goes on at the Cleveland airport? Absolutely nothing.)  As I dragged my tired self (have I mentioned that I got up at 2:55 that morning?) along to the other side of the airport, I looked in a little restaurant and saw a soldier who was the same exact size as Christopher, had the same exact hair color as him, and was using the same exact phone he has. I stood there and stared at him for at least 25 seconds trying to understand why Christopher was sitting there when I thought he was on his way to Georgia. Then I realized that I knew it wasn’t him, I just wanted it to be. Every time I see a person wearing a uniform, I think for a split second that it’s him.

That’s the problem with the United States Army- they all wear the same clothes! One of the biggest events we attended while we were dating was the Cavalry Ball. Christopher dropped me off at the door and when I walked in the door I came face to face with 100 men all wear the SAME EXACT THING as Christopher. It was like Where’s Waldo Army Version.  I had been so busy planning my own outfit it never occurred to me that they would ALL be wearing blue pants, black jackets, white shirts, and black hats. Thank goodness Christopher’s jacket had his name on it so I didn’t lose him! ;-)


wHiT said...

I love that you call your husband Christopher. I do the same to mine. :)

Tara G. said...

Wait until they march in at green ramp from a deployment and your child is desperately trying to find daddy {and we're forced to wait for an official word of welcome and the Nat'l Anthem!}!! :)