Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday musings

* After two weeks of stalking Facebook everyday patiently waiting, this picture taken by one of Christopher's classmates at the branching ceremony has finally made an appearance. 
I am a fan.

* I got to talk to Christopher for a whole hour over the weekend! 
* I like this little design. Maybe I'll make it into a shirt. I'm ALL ABOUT rhinestones.

* Grandma's 84th birthday party yesterday was highly successful. 
* The TIRE PRESSURE LOW came on in the car again today. A funky new light called the electro-mechanical power steering assist failure light came on too. I won't even pretend I know what exactly that means. I foresee another trip to the mechanic in our future
* Today I'm calling realtors about apartments for us to live in after Christopher graduates. When did I gain such responsibilities? It seems like just last month I was starting second grade. How time does fly.
* I'm challenging Aaron to a game of Burnout tonight. Two things are almost certain:
1) I will crash
2) I will lose

At least I won't be responsible for getting the car fixed after I crash it. 


Ashley said...

Oh how we all love mondays!!

wHiT said...

that happened to my car too, just a month after I got it. Turns out I had a nail stuck in it. I'd go get it check out.