Monday, January 9, 2012

I do enjoy at good military event

I felt very grown up this past weekend.

I flew by myself to two Georgia airports, found myself a taxi, waltzed (or more accurately, dragged my  tired self) into the hotel, and ordered Chinese food up to my room. I started off by saying “I would like…” as I ordered my large amount of Chinese food, but I quickly changed to saying “we would like…” because I didn’t want them to think, “Wow. That girl can really eat.” Not that that would be a wrong assumption or anything.

The next morning after breakfast, Christopher’s father and I drove onto post to scope out the area and make sure we knew where to go for Christopher’s event. We spent some time exploring the area and watching people fly down zip lines. We briefly wondered if they’d let us try it out, but quickly decided the answer would be a resounding NO as they escorted us off the premises.

After a quick lunch we arrived at the location of the first event. We left early so we’d beat the crowds, but the crowd was so small it can’t really be called “a crowd”. It was more like a sprinkling. Christopher kept telling me this portion of the ceremony would be boring, boring, and possibly a little more boring. He underestimates my appreciation of people in uniform. His father and I thought the whole thing was very interesting. We looked at and discussed everything.

We were kept very busy with trying to figure out where Christopher was in the midst of the ninety soldiers once his event started. I came up with the brilliant idea to take a photo of a person we thought might be him, and then zoom in to see if it really was. I’m sure that’s exactly what Civil War wives did when they attended their husband’s events. We thought we found him twice, but a quick look at the camera screen caused us to say, “Nope, that’s not him. That guy doesn’t look NEARLY grumpy enough.”  (Christopher’s serious face looks grumpy. Just look at his license picture for proof.) We found him just before the event finished and he came over to visit.
At the second event we found out what type of school/job Christopher will go to when he graduates this one.  The whole ceremony was exciting (and very loud) but oh my word, it was also a little stressful. We were finding out the future direction of our lives so it was kind of a BIG DEAL. I met and sat with a very nice girl named Kim whose boyfriend is Christopher’s roommate. We kept looking at the screen that said what jobs were available, then looking at each to reassure the other we’d be fine with whatever happened. The only thing missing was suspenseful music in the background. In the end, we were all pleased with the outcome and are preparing ourselves for our next move.

That night we went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings with Kim and her boyfriend. I believe fried pickles are a wonderfully tasty way to end the day.

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