Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday 2012

Two years ago, in a time I refer to as BC (Before Christopher), I celebrated my birthday in Massachusetts. Last year I celebrated in New York. This year I celebrated half in Tennessee and half in Virginia. At this rate I'll be celebrating in Tanzania by 2015.
Here's a view from the Tennessee portion of the day. (There are no pictures of a Virginia view because the view outside our window is boarded up homes.)
It was a banner year for birthday cards. Half of them were from Christopher to make up for events when he forgot to give me any. He gave me eight and I loved every one. 
Elizabeth sent me this year and it had me laughing. I might not make it to 90 so I very glad someone had the foresight to buy me this card in advance! About 5 years ago I bought a 100th birthday card at the dollar store. I didn't knew anyone turning 100, but I COULD NOT turn down such a purchase. If I do happen to attend a centennial birthday party, I will be so prepared. 
My family mailed me a birthday box! Mom kept saying she was so disappointed I wasn't going to get it on my actual birthday (Memorial Day), but such is the price one pays when their birthday is a national holiday. Aaron knows me so well- he sent me a jar of bacon bits.  
When I was growing up, the birthday person got to use the special birthday plate while eating their birthday meal. I have carried this tradition over to our family, and while Christopher does not understand it ("It's just a plate! What's on the plate is more important!"), he goes along with it anyway. The birthday plates we bought last year are in storage (along with 96.2% of our belongings), so he told me he would make one instead. He put a printed sign under a pie dish and I nearly fell over, I was so impressed. 
The birthday girl with her giver of many cards and maker of birthday plates.


Keri said...

Aww! Love the plate! I'm sorry I missed the birthday on facebook. That is the problem when you use your phone instead of your computer. The phone does not like birthdays. Happy Birthday BFS!

____j said...

Aww! Your hubby is so thoughtful! Happy Belated Birthday :)