Wednesday, May 2, 2012

'oh the places we live' map

As discussed previously on el bloggo (Have I ever mentioned I have my own version of Spanish? It's much more exciting than the real thing.) I mentioned that our anniversary gifts were paper related. Here's what I made Christopher.
The states we were born in, Georgia and Massachusetts, are in contrasting paper. I glued buttons to the states we've lived since we were married and have a whole bag of buttons for future moves. I hear Army people move a lot. 

If you happen to live in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware or Washington DC, I apologize that the your portion of the country looks somewhat like a disformed claw. I had some technical difficulties in that region. 
I bought a wooden United States map at Toys R Us to use as a stencil. It was a labor of TRUE LOVE going in that store because I can't fully describe how much I dislike it there. It rattles my nerves to walk down the girls aisle and all the sudden have 200 dolls crying and laughing and making all sorts of unearthly noises while Hannah Montana states at me from an entirely too large poster. The boys aisles isn't much better. I don't even know what half the stuff in their part of the store is. It's all weird four-headed creatures that unfold from cars and speak alien languages. Not to mention that Justin Bieber is there and that's all I have to say about that.


It was so much fun making this gift and I was very pleased with how it turned out. Stay tuned for when I make an anniversary gift from coral or ivory. That's sure to be interesting. Hopefully whatever it ends up being will not require a trip to Toys R Us! 


Laura Darling said...

Hahaha I love your description of Toys R Us. I hardly ever go in there but I do agree that is it a SENSORY OVERLOAD.

Also, I will never forget when I was driving on a work-related trip through the ghetto, and there was a sign in a door that said "Room-a For-a Rent-a." I wish I had taken a picture. At least your spanish is better than that!!!

Jenn said...

That's true love for sure- going to Toys R Us for the paper anniversary. I hate the place too. Ours here is a half-and-half: half ghetto Babies R Us, half ghetto Toys R Us. I hate both of them. But no one else sellspee pads so I'm stuck visiting them every few months or so. Hah.

Cute gift though! I can't believe your mad scissor skillz. (that's ghetto-speak for "skills." figured. You might need to know that..)

Kara said...

I love this!

Nicole said...

I live in the same town as Jenn and she described our BRU to the T! Your description had me rolling as well! I think this is one of the sweetest, creative gifts I have seen for the paper anniversary!

Mallorie said...

How neat! Just stopping by from Kelly's blog! I just moved to VA too!!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Very cool gift!