Monday, August 4, 2014

pass the cough medicine (and also some chocolate)

Allow me to give you a brief update on the medical condition of our family. Annabelle recovered from reflux just in time to start a grand slam cough/sneeze/congestion. I spent the better part of the weekend feeling like I was coming down with a combo of The Plague of 2011* and The Worst 275 Day Illness of My Life, medically known as the time I was pregnant. For the record, I am not pregnant. Christopher dropped one of his weights on his bare foot and now said foot is swollen and purple. In short, we're the very picture of health over here.

* UTI + eColi + cryptosporidium + a heart rate of 143 = The Great Plague

I wish I looked this cute when sick.
She wore this dress to church and everyone was telling me how cute she looked. #obviously
A man came over to me and I assumed he was going to say the same so without really listening to what he said, I said "thank you." Five minutes later I realized he had only said hi, which explains why he looked at me like I said something weird. 
"Why, yes! I DO know that I'm the cutest baby on the block!"

In other recent news, we went to Stone Mountain for a visit with Christopher's family.
Sesame the explorer charting the course to her next meal.
Annabelle met her cousins and there was a lot of excited kissing.  
If going on vacation results in pictures where 2/3 of the family are smiling, then sign me up for one every month. Notice how Annabelle is covering her face like she doesn't want anyone to know she's associated with us. Isn't she a little young to be behaving like that?
Thirty minutes later she was acting all cool with Dad in the gift shop. She said she wants to start a group called Sesame and The Playmat Gang. They do a mean rendition of If You're Happy and You Know It.
"Peace, bros."


Jen said...

Poor thing, she is still ridiculously cute even when sick.

Michelle said...


Stone Mountain! I hate that place and let me tell you why. In high school when I was in snow choir, we went to Atlanta for a week during Christmas break for a bunch of performances. We road in a bus overnight from Ohio to Georgia, and we rolled up to Stone Mountain after our 12 hour drive and had to perform there without showering or sleeping or anything. I'll never get over it.

Babbling Brook said...

Ouch for the weight on his foot! Ah that had to have hurt bad.

Sunflowers & Love

Jenn said...

Sooo cute! Molly had a dress almost IDENTICAL to the one AB is wearing in the first picture. Love her cool sunglasses look!

Kim said...

She is so cute! Love the pictures and I hope everyone is feeling better soon. :)

Barbara said...

That dress is so adorable on her!!!