Thursday, January 15, 2015

the current state of my emotions

Quick question. Does anyone else like to dress their child up like an Amish/Pilgrim baby and sit them in the highchair next to Dumbo the elephant? 
No? Just me? Why am I hearing crickets?


Working on: Helping Annabelle establish who is and isn't her dad. I thought she had fully grasped the concept long ago but today she waved to a statue of Jesus on the cross and said "Hi Dada!" I'm just glad she didn't say, "Hi Mama!" I'd hate for her to confuse me with a bearded man. 

Experiencing: Back pain after sleeping on the couch. Add it to my lengthy list of elderly issues. I'm breaking in my old lady shoes as we speak. Has anyone seen my hearing aid? 

Eating: Carrot sticks and wishing they were doughnuts.

Unimpressed with: My knitting skilz. I knit a hat for Annabelle and couldn't figure out why it looked so messy. Christopher said it looked good (he always says that) but I knew it wasn't right. Upon further investigation I realized I made it with two different sized needles. I wonder why no one's asked me to teach knitting classes lately. 

Planning: The redecoration's I'm going to make on my porch this summer. I'd like some nice furniture, a rug and a fountain. I'll probably end up with three folding camping chairs and a plastic kiddie pool. We'll be the envy of the neighborhood. 

So excited about: Meeting Michelle this weekend! I cannot wait. I text her 28 times a week and am so excited to see her in person. At the same time I'm slightly nervous. A million things could go wrong. What if I accidentally wear a see-through shirt? What if I trip over air and fall flat on my face in her living room? What if Sesame spits up all over Michelle and her cute belly? What if I bump into a candle and set her house on fire? What if she thinks I'm weird and never wants to speak to me again? Who will I discuss Parenthood, Downton, our issues with feminism, weird blogs and unusual baby names if she's no longer my friend?

Over thinking: My visit to Michelle.


Meg Taylor said...

Aww have so much fun on your blate!! Meeting bloggers in real life is so much fun. Also, Sesame dressed as a pilgrim is the cutest thing ever.

Bailey Kay said...

That is hilarious about Annabelle and the statue of Jesus!!!

Michelle said...

I AM SO EXCITED I COULD PUKE. And just as a precaution, I'll make sure I don't have any candles burning ;) sesame is more than welcome to spit up all over me! I need to get used to it, anyway! I'm scared you will think I'm the weird and crazy one! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN.

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Oh I like this idea for a post, might have to borrow it!!

Jen said...

Oh she is such a doll!!!

Amanda Shamblin said...

I just read Michelle's post about your visit & now reading your side of it: I fear I may have laughed too hard at the "what if I bump into a candle & set her house on fire" line. Who am I kidding...I'm still laughing. These are real issues!! lol