Monday, April 17, 2017

easter with the peeps, 2017

My Easter preparations this year were very lowkey. We didn't even dye eggs. I bought a pack of plastic eggs on sale and picked up a box of stickers to put on them. We went with a really subtle and refined style.
When I was growing up I always helped my Grandma make chocolate and peanut butter candies at Easter. Annabelle helped me make them for the first time this year. I love passing along traditions to her.
AB has been more difficult lately but sometimes she can be oh so sweet. We'll be sending this picture to Prince George. It will seal the deal on their future marriage arrangments.
In reality, she was less the enthusiastic about the photoshoot-
The Easter Bunny was behind and didn't fill the basket or hide the eggs until late in the day. The bunny doubled as the chef in charge of a three course meal so I don't blame her for being a little late.
The one thing Sesame said she wanted the Easter Bunny to bring was a stuffed animal. She has 72 stuffed animals already but is always looking for more. The EB saw a frog at the dollar store (hashtag bargain shopper) and she couldn't resist. Thanks to frequently picking up said stuffed animals, the Bunny is quite familiar with the stuffed animal rotation around here and knew she didn't have a frog.
As if Flower the Frog wasn't exciting enough, hunting for Easter eggs was the cherry on top. A perk of being the only child was she got to find each egg. 
"Another walk down memory lane? Are you going to do this every holiday?" Yes, I am.  


Jen said...

Those eggs are awesome haha! We had both dyed and plastic.

Laura Darling said...

Aw I love the candy making tradition! That's awesome. That picture of the Easter dress and hat is SO sweet and then I laughed out loud when I scrolled down and saw how she truly felt about it! Hilarious!