Tuesday, April 4, 2017

party at the ice castle

Party day has come and gone. The balloons are limp on the ground and the last of the leftover dip has been eaten.

Credit for the little rhyme at the top of the invitation goes to Laura. I sent out a group text SOS about what to write besides "we're having a party so you should come" and she pulled through for me.  
I kept things much more simple this year than previous parties. I didn't go out of my way to make food that coordinated with the theme (although I did want to), I didn't make all the decorations I pinned and in general stressed out much less than normal. It was simple, fun and Annabelle enjoyed it which is what's most important. Her one request for decor for balloons. Christopher went above and beyond what she expected. 
She enjoyed the balloons quite a bit more than the 30 snowflakes I hung up around the house. 
Elsa and Anna were everything I hoped they would be and more. They read, sang, and played a Frozen version of Don't Break the Ice.
I wasn't sure how Annabelle would react but she did really well. It made me so happy to see with her two of her favorite princesses!
 Look at the way she's looking at Elsa! 
They gave her a princess crown and she gave them a look at her birthday cake. It was so precious. 
I wasn't in love this the cake design this year but it was exactly what AB wanted. She kept telling me it "looked like Elsa's dress."
She had her little friends from MOPS over and most exciting, her cousin and grandparents came up from Texas. I'm pretty sure it was the best day she's had since she turned 3. 

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Nicole said...

Super cute. I love Frozen and I'm way past 3. This must have been perfection in her little eyes!