Wednesday, August 2, 2017

little Memories, July 2017

* I went for a rare walk by myself and actually had time to notice little things like an ombre leaf. 
 * Annabelle said she was sick and needed ''hot tea and a get well card." I gave her the tea but didn't make the card. I said if she was still "sick" in the morning I'd make her a card. The next morning she was acting fine but insisted she was "very sick in my stomach" so she got a card. 
* Christopher was telling Annabelle the polite way to talk to people. Look in their eyes, listen, and don't walk away. He asked her to repeat back what he said and she replied "Look people in the eyes and do dinosaurs live in houses?" Good talk. Glad it really got through.

* Speaking of the Sesame Pie, she's trying to cut out her afternoon nap. I AM NOT ON BOARD WITH THAT PLAN. She refused to nap one afternoon recently then had a meltdown at 5 o'clock. I held her on the couch for a while and she fell asleep. 
 She's gotten so big. Look how long her legs are. 
She used to fit inside my sweatshirt! 
* I love a good joke. A well timed pun makes me so happy. Today at the zoo we were watching the otters and I told AB she "should be otterly happy about seeing them." She didn't get it but I was proud of myself. I texted Christopher a few jokes the other day. I know they're corny but they made me laugh. 
I hope he otterly enjoyed them. 


Laura Darling said...

That picture of the leaf is beautiful! I thought it was a professional photo! How cool is the ombre?! I am cracking up at the get well card. That's hilarious.

Michelle said...

I love the puns!!