Saturday, August 12, 2017

tea time

Annabelle is in a big tea party phase. She has a few different sets, most of which she likes to use in the bathtub and spill all over the bathroom floor. Our housekeeper is never here when I need her so I have to clean up the tea party tsunami myself.

We asked Mrs. Jim to join us for an outdoor tea party earlier this week. Mrs. Jim does have a name- Anne- but for months we didn't know it so we called her Mrs. Jim and it's stuck.
Annabelle picked this lovely arrangement of weeds flowers for the centerpiece. She kept telling me Mrs. Jim would love them so much. 
It's important to be appropriately dressed for a tea party so she her sparkly skirt and "race car man vest" for the occasion. They don't call her Stylin Sesame for nothing!
Much to Annabelle's great joy Mrs. Jim brought cupcakes. We had lemonade and water which Annabelle served with the expected amount of spillage on the table. She was so excited about the whole thing she broke a cup and saucer. After the tea she showed Mrs. Jim her room and introduced her to all her 587 stuffed animals and toys. Each new thing she showed was her "favorite one." 

The Jims were over today putting in sod so naturally Annabelle offered her services.
I'm so glad she has Big Mr. Jim and Mrs Jim in her life. They in no way replace her actual grandparents, but it's nice she has an older couple like them in her life. Big Jim even shared his hot dog with her today which was a true act of kindness. 

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Laura Darling said...

This is the sweetest thing ever. I love her tea party outfit!