Saturday, September 23, 2017

Weekend words

* Yesterday Annabelle and I had a picnic at the playground/splash pad. It was in the mid 80's so we took advantage of the sun and brought her bathing suit and sand toys. The sign in the bathroom door said the splash pad would be closing for the season on August 31st but the water is still on. Naturally after all the effort of locating a bathing suit she was more interested in playing in the mud outside the splash pad than actually splashing in it. The drain in the splash pad wasn't working which meant there was about 5'' of standing water. This bothered exactly zero children but cranky Steve from the parks department was furious. He stood in the puddle complaining about lazy Shane who should have taken care of the drain last week. By then AB wanted to splash but she didn't want to be near Cranky Steve. Finally lazy Shane showed up, not with tools to fix the drain but a leaf blower. He blew all the water away, as one does with a leaf blower. Lazy Shane knows how to get a job done after all.

* We watched Wonder Woman this week. It was fine. I didn't love it but it was entertaining. I've heard many people say they prefer their daughters watching Wonder Woman over princess movies because it's "more realistic." How is she any more realistic than Cinderella or Belle? I have never once in my life broken through a window with a shield and if I had, my hair for sure wouldn't still look good. 
I am 110% on board with how Wonder Woman looks at pizza. It's unbelievably realistic. 

* My friend went back to work recently and I watch her son on Thursday afternoons. He's almost a year younger than Annabelle but completely potty trained, a fact I mention every time he's over. Of course there is a downside to watching a boy who doesn't wear diapers. He's here for 24 minutes and I find a trail of pee all around the toilet. Gina doesn't pay me much but I haven't worked and made money in so long I feel like a millionaire. 

* Annabelle and I were in the bathroom together brushing our teeth. She looked up at me and said, "Wow, Mom. You're really growing." My weight loss and body transformation goals are obviously not being achieved. I wonder if that ever happened to Wonder Woman. 


Jen said...

You can't beat taking advantage of the warm weather!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Oh my goodness, kids have NO filter hahaha

rooth said...

I have never been able to run in wedges... nor have I ever lost a heel like Cinderella and not completely twisted my ankle because of it