Wednesday, October 11, 2017

be careful when you wish for excitement

The problem with saying you have nothing interesting going on is that something might happen and you end up wishing nothing had happened. 

Ask me how I know.

Annabelle was wearing big girl bottoms this morning as she often does. She acts as if they're a diaper but I continue putting them on her so she doesn't forget that she's supposed to be potty training. She had an accident which I cleaned up. Then she had another. Ten minutes later she had another. I kept the paper towels and cleaner out after the first accident because I've learned a thing or two in my three months of the Potty Training Trial of 2017. I was frustrated about something I don't even remember now so I went upstairs to regroup. Suddenly I heard yelling and crying from the living room.

Annabelle was trying to clean her little potty but instead sprayed herself in the face with the clorox bleach cleaner I accidently left out.

By the time I got downstairs her eyes and nose were swollen and red. She was screaming so hysterically I could barely wash her eyes out. She was squeezing her eyes shut and I didn't think any water gone in. I gave her a cool facecloth to hold against her eyes but she didn't want to. She kept screaming and crying. She is not much of a crier and definitely not a screamer so I knew she was in a lot of pain. I wasn't quite sure if it warranted a trip to the doctors so I called Christopher and he said to take her to urgent care. As I put her shoes on she sniffled and said, "I fink I'm going to need something to help me remember this day." As if the gray hairs I got today won't remind me.

We drove to the pediatric urgent care with AB crying the whole way and saying she couldn't see. I gave her Mr Lion which was a real treat since he's gone extinct over the last few months. The urgent care was closed. Why? Who closes their urgent care? I had to find another urgent care which meant more time hearing her scream. Thankfully there was another right down the road. As I was checking her in she asked the receptionist if she was being a good patient. The receptionist said she was and gave her a little bag with coloring books, stickers and a pencil. She held onto the pencil for dear life the entire time we were there.

The doctor said her eyes didn't look too bad but they did need to be washed out more. It took three of us to hold her down while he flushed them out. It was HORRIBLE. Even though it was an accident I felt SO SO bad for leaving the cleaner out and seeing her scream and try to get away from the doctor made it 10 times worse.

I rewarded us for surviving the experience with ice coffee and doughnuts. When she went down for a nap I lay on the couch and stared at the ceiling. It took me awhile to recover. 
Me at 1:58PM
Thankfully she's ok now. Her little eyes are still red but she's back to talking 480 miles an hour like her normal self. She gave me a hug and thanked me for taking care of her. Hopefully tomorrow will be more hugs and less tears! 


rooth said...

Oh that poor little darling! I'm glad she's okay (minus the whole traumatized by cleaning products thing). Bleach is some awful stuff

Jen said...

Oh my goodness! I am so so glad she is okay!