Monday, November 6, 2017

you can't live at my house and not have a birthday party

Of the three people who live in this home, one plays birthday every day, one loves a good party and one couldn't care less about his birthday. This weekend was the birthday of Mr. No Party. He doesn't have much of a chance of not having a celebration living with two party girls.

Annabelle has had her 4th birthday party theme of dragonflies planned for months. She assumed Christopher had also been thinking of his party theme for months but he had not (how shocking). He said she could pick for him. We went to Walmart and she picked blue plates, Harry Potter cups and Harry Potter eye glasses. I put the eye glasses back and we lost the cups somewhere between the store and home but it's the thought that counts. It was sweet to see her so excited about Daddy's big day.

I asked my friend to babysit Sesame on Saturday night so we could go out on a rare date. We decided to go to the movie to see the new Thor. We had to reserve seats online and the only available were two in the front row. A family was already spread out in the front row and we didn't want to bother them so we sat directly behind them. A couple came up to us, said we were in their seats and wouldn't listen to our polite explanation. We moved down the row and immediately before the movie started another couple came and said we were in their seats. We looked like idiots teenagers who were trying to sneak into a movie without paying. Finally we sat down in the seats the family who took our seats should have been sitting in. I'm going to start campaigning for assigned movie theater seating to be ended. It makes me look bad. (Or people could just sit where they're supposed to.) (I'm done.)

Christopher's birthday dessert of choice was key lime pie. I had never made it before and was pleasantly surprised with how well it appeared to have turned out. It wasn't until we started eating it that I realized the crust was raw. I used a premade crust and assumed it was ready to go. It was not. I'm going to believe Julia Child made the same mistake. Other than the crust it was very tasty.
Green sprinkles and random candle placement courtesy of my party planning protege in training.
Annabelle gave Christopher the sweetest book called Tell Me a Tattoo Story. She's very interested in his tattoos or, as she calls them, "Daddy's coloring book." 
This morning Annabelle asked when our next family birthday is. She needs enough time to start thinking of the next theme.


rooth said...

Sounds like you've got a built-in party planner - perfect for the holidays right?

Laura Darling said...

Well it looks like Mr. No Party enjoyed himself! That's so funny about the pie crust. I would have done the same thing.

Jane Mc said...

Annabelle looks so grown up in these pictures! Sounds like she’s learning party planning skills early. How fun!