Tuesday, January 9, 2018

a multitude of words about nothing in particular

On Thursday the great snow bomb hit Massachusetts and I for one could not have been more delighted. Sure, it was -5 and I spent almost two hours shoveling in the blistering cold with snow slapping my face, but when I was inside watching it was lovely. The next day we went out to play. Annabelle may have been born in Tennessee but she loves snow like a good northern girl. 
The snowbanks on either side of the driveway were over her head but she climbed to the top and demanded I help her build a snow castle "better than Elsa's." The thing about Elsa is she says the word and snow castles are built. I had to drag large "snow rocks'' from one side of the driveway to the other. Half the time the snow blew back into my face. It was much less beautiful than Disney makes it seem.
That night we slept at Ivy's house. The girls took a bath together and AB asked me to "hold Baby Ivy down" so she could wash her hair. Ivy was skeptical about The Sesame Salon.
Then she realized that it's pretty nice to relax while someone takes care of your every need.
It reminded me of this picture I found the other day. Elizabeth was NOT into my efforts to beautify her. "Oh ma gawsh, Mom. Who put this puffy thing on me? Rescue meeeeee."
Speaking of Elizabeth, she and I started a new exercise regimen last night. It was a beginners video and I sailed through the first 15 minutes with no difficulty. Elizabeth was struggling but we both finished strong. I didn't realize the workout had affected my arms until I tried to take a picture of Elizabeth at the end and my arms and hand was shaking so much I couldn't get a clear picture.
You might think I was shaking because we were lifting heavy weights. You would be wrong. We didn't have real weights so I lifted mayonnaise and oil while she did the salt and Adobo. The words you're looking for are fitness professionals. Look for our line of weights coming to a Dick's Sporting Goods near you.
Think of all the good dips we could have made with the mayonnaise in the time we were exercising!
Annabelle didn't want us to forget she was in the room too. How could we when she was constantly asking what we were doing and why we were laying down?
Grandma's 90th birthday party is this weekend which is perfect since Annabelle has plenty of party practice. For more than a year she's hosted a birthday party almost every day. The guest of honor at yesterdays party was Tiny Tim the turtle. Tiny Tim started as an imaginary friend who joined our family last week. Erika was getting rid of a little wooden turtle so I took it and told AB that Tim had come to life. Her little mind has never been more blown. All party guests were required to bring for TT and I brought a Hershey's kiss. I should have given away the mayonnaise and olive oil instead.
She looked at the candy the same way I do. So much love and affection!


Laura Darling said...

Ivy is SUCH a cutie! That's so sweet that she thought the turtle came to life!! Sorry about the snow rocks. It sounds like the cold did bother you anyway. You for sure deserved a mayonnaise based dip.

Jen said...

I hope the party is wonderful this weekend! I'm sure Annabelle will be the perfect hostess. :)

rooth said...

LOL at that last picture - how cute is she!

Jane Mc said...

Annabelle gets cuter and cuter!