Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sesame Says

These little stories and quirks most likely won't be funny to anyone else, but they made me laugh in the moment and I want to remember them. 

Annabelle is very interested in the day of the week and the date. Once hearing that it was March 1st she drew an invitation and planned a March 1st party. She is my child. Every event deserves a party.
A few weeks ago, Christopher and Sesame were making a big Saturday breakfast. He told AB to ask me if I wanted to pick something off their menu or create an a la carte breakfast. She bounced over and said, "Do you want to eat an olive cart?''

She's begun referring to anything less than ice cold milk as "dead milk.''

I heard her telling our neighbor Olivia about the characters in The Greatest Showman. When she got to the character played by Zac Efron she sighed, gazed out to the mid-distance and said, "He's just really beautiful." I almost cried from laughter. 

She loves to drink out of a metal measuring up like a minor from ye olden days. 
Praise the Lord and all the angels, she's finally potty trained. It only took 10 months, not that I'm counting or bitter. The first time she peed on the potty was pure coincidental timing. I yelled and screamed, clapped and jumped. I was so excited. She stared me down. "Mom. You don't need to be so excited about this." YES, I DO. I LOST SLEEP OVER THIS. I WILL CLAP ALL I WANT. 

When she saw that Christopher put strawberries and apples in the salad she said "Well. My parents have odd ways."

Shortly after we moved in I was sent an indoor tree. I love it. It's become a real point of pride in my life. I feel like such an adult with a large plant in the house. Part of me has wondered if it makes our living room look like a dentist office but I smash that thought far, far down.
Guess who else likes the tree. Specifically, attempting to climb the tree. This little goober.
Just when I thought her Minnie Mouse phase was over she went out in public like this.


Jen said...

Her smile is seriously the best!!!! :) So infectious.

rooth said...

She has the cutest outfits. And since when did she get so sassy!?