Wednesday, April 11, 2018

vaccines and bandaids can't slow her down

AB had her 4 year old appointment this morning. She passed the vision test with flying colors and serenaded the nurse with her newest song.

Bum bum bum
Bump de bum.
Do do we.  ©

It will be topping the charts any day now.

She's had some residual stomach pain since the quarter incident and the doctor said she lost a little weight but other than that she's fit as a fiddle. When he was listening to her lungs she looked up from her planet book and commented that she "didn't think he was doing it right." So there's nothing wrong with her sass. He had to give five shots which seemed excessive to me but I'm not here to open the can of worms that is the vaccine debate. She did fine for the first two shots then all hell broke loose. It was full out screaming and kicking. She's always been very calm during shots so this was new territory for us. To be fair, I would make my opinions heard if I got five shots. We went to Dunkin Donuts for munchkins and coffee to calm our nerves. As she told someone, "Nothing is better than a good trip to Dunkin Donuts." I've never been more proud.

We visited a new playground after the doctor. Annabelle was limping around like she was recovering from double knee surgery instead of a polio vaccine. I knew the playground would make her forget her worries and I was right. She bounced around with her new friend Jack Henry who insisted on calling her Ella. Unlike the doctor, she did not correct him. The playground is at a local church which thought up a brilliant method to bring in the community. They have a combination indoor/outdoor play AND a small restaurant and coffee. The kids get their energy out, the moms drink cafe and no one can leave the enclosed area. It's the perfect set up. We had lunch there then headed to our next activity. 

I met a girl at church who moved here with her Marine husband a few weeks after we did. I feel the new girls should stick together so I invited her to the pottery painting studio with us. I was concerned she'd be an accomplished artist and make me regret the invitation but she had just as much trouble picking colors and painting a straight line as I did. The owners let their very large labradoodle puppy, Oscar, have free range around the place. He wasn't aggressive but he was a handful. He pulled Annabelle's bow right off her head and chewed it up, jumped on my shoulders which made me smudge my vase, then he jumped on the table and charged at us. He was a bull in a china shop. Annabelle was only slightly better. She finished her statue before Amy and I had chosen our colors. She was overtired and overly dramatic about the five bandaids on her legs. She kept laying down on the floor and scooting herself along because the aforementioned shots made her legs sore. Then she'd bounce up and yell, "I'M DA SUPERHERO HERE TO SAVE DA DAY!" I don't think Amy will ever hang out with us again. 

Actual footage of Annabelle in the middle of the studio.


Laura Darling said...

This whole post cracked me up. Love her advice to the doctor. And the limping after the polio vaccine! :) Pottery painting with a new friend sounds fun though!!

rooth said...

I feel the poor girl with her vaccines - I felt pretty crummy after my litany of shots two summers ago. That puppy sounds just like ours.. unfortunately

Sunday School said...

The pottery painting shop is always your go-to venue for making new friends and having fun with old ones. From sea to shining sea, you're keeping the pottery in business. Big Pottery should send you a thank you card.