Saturday, September 10, 2011

compared to Jonah, I'm doing ok

My Big Adventure for this weekend was canceled.

Not only was I not well enough to travel, but Julie the automated Amtrak teller called to inform me that the train I was scheduled to travel on has been canceled. So my pretty blue party dress will stay in the closet, the personalized chopsticks I bought for Joy and Colin will have to be mailed, and I won't get to hug my friends at the wedding.  

We had a discussion about why I'm still sick after two weeks even though I keep praying to get better, and why God wanted me to miss the wedding of someone who's like a sister to me. We never came to any real conclusion except that it's just what God decided.

After a (not so) small emotional moment, I decided to think of things I have to be happy about and thankful for.

* By December I'll have two nieces!
* Unlike many people in other countries, I have medications to help me get better. (You know what's pathetic? I'll tell you. When you put your three new prescriptions down on the nightstand next to your current prescriptions and briefly consider holding a meeting wherein you introduce all the medications to each other and ask them to please get along.)
* I saw two rainbows when I left church.
 * Even though Christopher and I had to cancel our miniature golf date night, we were able to play Apartment Golf instead. We turned a bat into a golf club and hit our imaginary balls (mine was purple and his was green) around chairs and beds and into imaginary holes. I won but only because Christopher let me.
* Unlike Jonah, I have not been sitting in the belly of a whale for the last three days. 

I am especially thankful for that last one.

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Dandelion Momma said...

I'm so sorry that you are still feeling so crummy. We just got home from church where our sermon was titled "Why Does God Allow Suffering?" It was a great sermon and the whole thing will be posted online by Tuesday if you want to check it out.