Tuesday, September 13, 2011

golf date

Last Saturday night the Great Plague of 2011 had eased up a little and I was feeling well enough to venture out of the house for while. We decided to go miniature golfing to make up for the golf date we missed earlier in the week. Thanks to our rousing game of apartment golf, we were well prepared for 18 holes of miniature goodness.
I like to think I'm an expert at golf because I took golf lessons one summer and I own a set of golf clubs, but in reality my golf skills are nothing to write home about. Whether due to a small amount of golfing skill or just pure luck, no one was more surprised than I when my purple ball rolled into hole 16 after one hit. I was just so proud of myself. In case you're wondering, Christopher did not score a hole-in-one. In case you are further wondering, my final score was better than his. But I certainly not boasting.

I was slightly distracted at certain points in the game because one of the medications I'm on makes me slightly wobbly and I really had no desire to fall into any of the little ponds throughout the course. (I think that's an understandable desire.) I would have hated to return to the hospital for the third time in two weeks all because I fell into a pond and received a head wound. Thankfully we finished the course and evaded any injuries.

I told Christopher to look victorious and this is what he did. 

It's not exactly how I would portray victory, but it is cute. ;)

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