Monday, June 18, 2012

three thoughts from the weekend

* On Saturday we went down to the American Legion so Christopher and some of his classmates could do their volunteer hours. Consider this your lesson of the day- what Army people call AB or Area Beautification is what normal people call yard work. Of course, if you're trying to sound extra professional something I do on a daily basis , you could say, "AB is SOP in the CONUS." (For the record, I have not come across many opportunities to say, "Area beautification is standard operating procedure in the continental United States", but hope springs eternal.)

* If you ride around town on a motorcycle, you can just 
bid farewell to having a good hair day. Between the wind and the helmet, it's an exercise in futility.  

* Saturday night we went out to eat with the A.B. group. One lady was there with her beautiful little girl named Cameron Diaz. Her twin brother's name was Tom Cruise. Just kidding about the Tom Cruise part, but the baby really was named after Cameron Diaz.
It inspired me to name one of my sons Harrison Ford.

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