Friday, February 21, 2014

looks like I want to live in the past forever

Every so often I have lengthy conversations with myself about topics ranging from whether I'll bite the bullet and highlight my hair (doubtful) to the likelihood of any political candidate I vote for wining (through the roof guaranteed not to happen as I'm a bad luck charm for anyone seeking office.). One of my favorite topics is which ancient technology inventions I'd like to see make a comeback.

First up, the answering machineI LOVED the answering machine and was so excited when we'd come home and see the red light blinking. I'd race to beat the rest of the family and WOULD NOT REST unless I pushed the play button first. No one was every as interested as I was, but I still ran. I could have walked slower than a sloth and still beat the crowds. One of the few messages I ever received was from a clown at the circus we had just attended. Apparently the clown was a relative and someone thought it would be a fun moment. In reality it was slightly creepy.

I realize all cell phones have voice mail, but voice mail isn't the same as an answering machine in my mind. On an answering machine you can hear messages left for other people and, for an admittedly nosy person, it can be a GOLDMINE of information. Not to mention that voice mail usually requires a passcode which really throws a wrench into listening to messages intended for others.

Second, a real telephone. The kind of phone that plugs into the wall, has a curly cord, a dial tone, and an automated lady who says "Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up and try again". In fact, one of my favorite parts about staying in a hotel (besides the free newspaper) is getting to hear the dial tone on the desk phone. Call me an old lady but I like my newspapers and dial tones.

I really mourn the fact that we don't have a wall phone. I bring it up every time we move but the we move too much, we already have two phones so don't need three, yada yada yada. I still think it will be good for our future children to learn how to use a curly cord phone outside of a replica in a museum.
The hydrangea phone is pretty awesome too.
Third, the cd. I know technically cd's are still around, but I feel they've lost a lot of their luster. Christopher is all about the ipod (which I do enjoy), but I really enjoy cd's and will continue to use them until they die. Besides, ipods don't come with the little booklets like cd's do and for me that's half the fun of buying a new cd. 

Fourth and finally, the VCRI never knew how much I liked vcr's until I didn't have one. Pressing rewind and watching the characters shoot backwards up stairs or unfall off a cliff brought me almost as much enjoyment as watching the movie forwards. Much like the telephone, I'm campaigning we get a vcr. Salvation Army and Goodwill always have 12 million VHS tapes for literally pennies which means this will be the cheapest invention ever to resurrect.

For what it's worth, I'm in the market for a phonograph. If anyone has one hanging around I'd be glad to take it off your hands.
It would look wonderful in our living room.


Jen said...

Oh man I love the vcr! One of the best inventions.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

We have a land line and I just taught cullen how to use it the other day. I definitely sometimes wish we didn't have cell phones and we could just go on a date without feeling the need to check in. I am terrified by the technology that is in store for our childrens future!

Michelle said...

I LOVE THIS. I agree with absolutely everything you said.

Plus, my favorite thing about CDs is that you can usually look up the lyrics in the booklet. I miss those days.

I've casually hinted to James that we should buy a VCR, because all my favorite childhood movies are in VHS, and I really don't want to buy them again in DVD.

Kara said...

I have a record player, but we don't have a CD player. I listen to my records more than anything. I've even started buying new ones from current artists. I totally get the phone thing too.