Monday, February 24, 2014

Watch Sesame Grow, week 34

Edition: The tshirt, no makeup, I have the plague self portrait
As told by Sesame

Size of baby: They tell me I'm the size of a cantaloupe. Anyone know what that is?
Fun fact: I don't know if I'm getting bigger or my Hotel Womb room is getting smaller, but things are a little tighter in here than they used to be.
Size of mother: I don't know. I've never seen her.
What's on the menu: As a general rule food down here is only so-so but I had lasagna the other day and it was probably the best thing at this restaurant since I arrived (potato chips being a close second). My mom kept saying she hasn't eaten than much in months. I believe it. She eat pretty much the entire pan. (Editor's note- I hate to toot my own culinary horn, but it was the bomb dot com of lasagnas. The last time I ate that much was last summer aka pre-Sesame.)
Worst part of the week: People (not to name names but I'm thinking specifically of my parents) are always poking me in the eye. I don't think they mean to, but they do it almost every time they feel Mom's belly and say, "There's the head!" I HAVE EYES IN MY HEAD YOU KNOW.
Best part of the week: Story time! New books! Dad's a good reader. He always tells me about the pictures.
Other things I have to say: My mom's not kidding about having the plague. In fact, I think she's making light of the situation because when she coughs it's like an earthquake down here. 

Dad has a habit of putting his face up to the wall of my hotel room and saying, "Hellllloo, baby! It's your daddy!" I appreciate that he always identifies himself, but sometimes it sounds like he's yelling at me because he's so close. "HELLLLLOO, BABY! IT'S YOUR DADDY!" No wonder I jump when he talks. 

Speaking of him talking, Mom always tells him when she thinks I'm not moving enough. Can't a kid have a few hours of rest?? He'll get down on my level (probably the only time Mom is taller than him) and tell me to move around a little more. I'm very obedient so I always listen, but then sometimes Mom complains that I'm moving too much and it hurts. What does the woman want me to do? Can't she make up her mind?

Finally, is it just me or does my dad have a really long torso and my mom no torso at all? I'm beginning to get a little concerned about who I'll take after.


Jen said...

Too cute! :)

stephanie said...

Oh no you're sick!! I hope you didn't get the plague from us :/
Also maybe Sesame will have a medium torso--- the middle between y'alls cartoon stick figures :-)

Rambling Momma said...

soon be time to meet the little one :)

Jenn said...

Finally a baby bump! Helloooooo there Sesame!!

Emily said...

Ekk, so excited for you-you are getting so close!!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Hi baby! I can't believe you'll be on the outside soooon!