Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

Once again its time for your favorite way to start off a new week--by talking about all the things you didn't do the week before! You're not the only one either because you can head over to and read everyone elses "not me's"

* I was not very impressed that the girl at the camp where I pick up Lauren(who I babysit)remembered, on only the second day, who it is that I pick up. I did not suddenly realize on the way home that she knew because I told her who I was picking up before she told me to drive a little farther down the pick-up line.

* I did not like one of the other new Not Me Monday logos just a tad more then this one(although I do like it more then I did at first).

* I did not plan Lauren's allotted tv viewing time so we would have the lest possible time playing the never-ever-ending game(???)of school/summer camp/sleepover/I tell you what you have to do even though you're the one who's really in charge. What kind of babysitter doesn't let the child play what they want unless its dangerous or deadly(which can basically be the same thing)?

* I did not eat 3(or maybe more)of the Lindt chocolate balls in Lauren's mom's candy jar, leaving only 2-3 for next time I'm over. But if I had done that, I would have been doing them a favor because they were clearly leftover from Halloween. (btw, if you want to send me a bag of Lindt chocolates, you just might be my new best friend.)

* I did not eat a hot dog with my fingers and justify it by saying "well, everybody else is so I guess I will too." I mean, we all know that "just because everybody else is doing something doesn't mean you should."

* I did not lock the van doors but leave the windows rolled down enough that I could just reach in and unlock them.

* I did not realize once again that I am now old enough to think that 15ish-17ish year old boys are cute as in little boy cute without anyone thinking "oh, you like him!!". Let me rephrase that, they might still think it, but I can say 'oh, he is cute as in little boy cute' without caring what they think.

* That last sentence did not slightly confuse me.

* I did not stop doing a makeover on my garden so I could write this. My garden does not makeover itself. Nope, not me!


LucieP said...

ok that was seriously a cute post!
Good thing you have Lauren around who, as she gets older, you will be able to enjoy those "younger person" things vicariously through her!

Anonymous said...

I love LOVE LOVE lindt Chocolate! They are my weekness!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Funny stuff!

I am a Lindt Choc-o-holic!