Monday, July 20, 2009

Note to Self

From the desk of Me, Myself, and I Inc.

Dear Self,
In an effort to stream-line productivity, please take note of the following:

* Writing a to-do list and putting a star by each one does not make the ones highest importance stand out.

* Reading blogs and clicking around on Facebook does not accomplish one little bit of school work(or any kind of work).

* Please remember that when you're wearing mascara and you open the door of a hot oven, more then likely the hot air will cause your eyelashes to melt together. This is generally painful and should be avoided at all costs.

* When applying for a job, it is highly recommended that you hand or send the application in; don't just leave it sitting on your desk.

* The Design Girl is having a blog-makeover giveaway. Don't forget to enter.

* Please, please, please try to come up with something much more exciting for WILT then: "Orontophobia is the fear of teeth."

Any improvements in these areas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The President and Staff of Me, Myself, and I Inc.

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