Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

Once again its time for Not Me Monday. My brain is not so useless right now that I can't think of something amazingly brilliant to say right here. Moving on:

* I did not eat Strawberry Rhubarb pie for breakfast.

* Lauren's mom did not forget to let me know her husband was picking Lauren up from camp so I did not drive all the way there only to find out she had already been picked up.

* I did not stupidly ask the camp staff (who were probably younger then me, an experienced college-ager) "today is Thursday, right?". I mean, how embarrassing would it be for me to get the days mixed up?

* I did not trip when I was leaving a memorial service for our friend and go drunkenly crashing into the door.

* I was not so embarrassed that I didn't want to turn around to see if anyone saw it.

* I did not feel oh-so-special that the policeman stopped all the traffic on a very busy road just for me so I could go waltzing across at my own leisurely pace.(Actually I was just hoping not to trip and make another drunken-looking fall).

* I most certainly did not think while waltzing across the road "wait til I write this for Not Me Monday!".

* I did not take a pair of capris off the rack at the thrift store and say to Mom "these are cute Mom; do you want to try them on?", only to have a lady turn around and tell them they were hers. Now that I think about it,I must have exceptional fashion taste since someone else thought they were cute too. (Please don't say anything about how some people in thrift stores are *ahem* dressed and how unfashionable it can be. That would really burst my bubble.)

* I did not not take many pictures during the ceremony at my friend's wedding because every time I did, everybody people would look at me and it was just too much pressure.(I'm not a fan of being looked at by large groups.)

* I did not get slightly frustrated with the wedding photographer because he seemed to know just what I wanted to take a picture of and stand right in the way.

* I DO NOT want to wish MckMama a fabulously wonderfully birthday!!! ♥ Nope, not me!

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