Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Performance is sure to be Debatable

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was so proud of Aaron for making it to the regional debate tournament. I also stated that debate tournaments are not my cup of tea. At all. Too much stress, too much arguing, and not enough food. I didn't bother saying that I never judge these events because someone who barely understands what's being said should not be put in a position of such power. Besides, I've never judged a debate{or speech for that matter}in my life.

Who do you think has been commandeered to judge at this debate and speech tournament due to lack of judges??

I''m praying that I only have to judge the speeches as they're much more interesting. I'm almost positive I wouldn't be able to handle the debates. The best speeches to judge would be the humorous; at lest I can rank according to who made me laugh the most.

I'm trying to think positive about the whole thing. Maybe I'll just love it and ask to do it again!{highly doubtful} Plus, I'll get to see some friends I haven't seen in a while! I hope they'll still associate with me now that I'm no longer in the same ranks as them. ;)

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In other news...while he was recently serving in Haiti, this picture of my friend Myles{the same one I thought I was going to marry}appeared in a news magazine. I stood just a little bit taller when I saw this. I was proud, oh yes I was.

{I no longer have the link for this picture so I'm unable to properly credit it.}

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