Thursday, April 1, 2010

The sun!! Its back!!

Look who decided to make an appearance today!!

Its the sun! And fluffy white clouds!! And blue sky!!!

After a morning of volunteering at the hospital which included an hour long wild-goose chase to find the school teacher and holding one of my favorite baby boys, I went with Mom,Elizabeth and Grandma to visit one of Grandma's best friends/my piano teacher in another hospital. She was "SO HAPPY!!" to see us. "Those flowers you gave me are SO BEAUTIFUL! That was SO NICE of you! I don't even KNOW what I've looked like the last week because there aren't ANY mirrors in the bathroom!" Grandma told her it was probably better off that she didn't know what she looked like, but Mrs D was already pulling a little mirror. "AAAGGGHHH!!!!" *slams mirror down* "Do I look like METHUSELAH?!?!" She is such a dear lady.
We then hopped over to a couple of our favorite stores to find cute Easter clothes. We don't go all out with new Easter outfits but its fun to have something pretty and new even if its just a necklace. We brought a couple things for Elizabeth but she didn't try them on yet so she'll have to put on a fashion show for us tomorrow. We're still searching for Mom but since we have all of two whole days before Easter, I'm sure we'll find something. I bought a purple shirt the other day that I'm going to cut{gasp!}and redo. Hopefully. I have my doubts about how beautiful it will be at the end!

Care for a hat or three?
What you can't see in this picture is the lady walking towards us just behind Elizabeth. Just as I do not make a picture-taking spectacle of myself at church, I do not do so in stores. {I prefer to ignore the fact that it was my idea to take pictures in the store in the first place. } The presence of this lady would explain the absence of Elizabeth's polka-dot boots from the picture. I may or may not have walked away to hid once she came completely into view while Elizabeth still stood there. That highly classified information will not be revealed. Elizabeth, however, couldn't have cared less and would have been perfectly fine walking around the store in this outfit.
When Aaron and I were playing the seasons first game of catch before supper, I had a wonderful revealation: I wasn't nearly as bad as I thought I was going to be! Granted, the Red Sox might not hire me but we've only just started April. By mid-May they'll be knocking on my door.


We now go back into the archives of my life to the time I was about 12 or 13.Katie happened to be sleeping over the weekend of April Fools Day and we spent the night before whispering plans to eachother beneath the covers. I have never heard or seen anyone perform at the level we performed the next day. We started off by switching Mom's coffee with Coke. Not overly brilliant but we were just warming up. It would have been better if we had warmed the Coke up since her coffee was warm before the switch, but live and learn. We then got the bag of peanuts in the shell out of the closet and proceeded to carefully crack them open to we'd end up with only the top and bottom,not a bunch of small pieces. We found tiny rocks that weighted roughly the small amount as the peanuts{not being scientist we didn't use a scale},replaced each peanut with a rock and glued the shell back together. We got everybody with that one. They all thought we were being extremely generous but oh,no. I'm surprised no one caught on to our giggling when we offered the peanuts. I'm pleased to report that no one actually ate any peanuts rocks; we made sure to stop them before anything went in their mouth! We were so proud of ourselves that day. We still talk about it every April Fools Day. If we weren't already best friends before, that day would have cinched the deal.

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