Monday, March 29, 2010

Ashley,and The Furnace Club

Yesterday afternoon at church my sweet friend Ashley was baptized.

Ashley and I
Please note the fuzziness of this picture. It didn't occur to me at the moment that there was approximately 68 other people in the room who could have taken our picture instead of me resorting to a self-portrait.{note atlest 4 people in the background.}

Ashley is the first of the Furnace Club girls to be baptized. The Furnace Club is an illustrious group comprised of all the fabulous and charming girls that make up our church. Our name comes from all the times we gathered in the boiler room at church on many a cold Sunday. It's always the warmest room in the building and we spent so much time there we decided we needed a proper name. "The Furnace Club" sounds so much better then "The Boiler Room Club" so we went with the more dignified of the two. As the oldest, I head the group and am responsible for the creation of our membership cards. Oh yes, we're so dedicated that we have membership cards to set up apart from the boys. {As if long hair and the fact we frequent the bathroom marked 'ladies' doesn't set us apart enough.} We also have a password. I'm not about to declare said password for the whole wide interweb, but let's just say that it involves the ages of the youngest and oldest members and therefore changes every year. To make this even more interesting, the youngest member and I have the same birthday.

Did I start off talking about Ashley?

She did a beautiful job with her testimony. Sadly I didn't get a picture of the actual event as multiple heads were in the way and I am NOT a fan of making myself a public picture-taking spectacle during church.

Marissa is a fellow member of the F.C. She became Ashley's step-sister when her dad met and married Ashley's mom from way down south in PA. Ashley came as part of the marriage deal and Marissa gained a wonderful sister.

The lovely Hannah is Furnace Club member #2. I am member #1 due to the fact I'm the oldest. My strategy in numbering the members by order of age was so creative. Hannah just turned 18{!!} and will soon be the recipient of a surprise birthday party!!

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