Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look ahead of you! No,look behind you!

As Zachary and Molly's honorary babysitter, I had the privilege today of driving their new car. See Exhibit A.

ford escape hybrid
Exhibit A-only in light blue

The batteries on my camera were dead otherwise I would have taken a picture of the dashboard. I'll be sure to take a picture on Friday. There is alot happening on that dashboard. I think the only thing it doesn't do is make hot chocolate. The way technology is progressing, in about 10 years it probably will! The car should come with a handbook entitled "Modern Marvels of the World, subtitled Is All this Really Necessary?". I couldn't get myself to use the screen near the steering wheel that showed what was behind me when I reversed because that just seemed so wrong. In all my years of driving{all 4 1/2 of them}I've looked behind me when backing up. Since when do we look in the opposite direction we're driving? I just don't understand. "But officer, surely the little screen is better then what two real eyes could possibly see!" :)

Besides all that, it's a very cute little car* and I felt OH, SO HIP driving it. It's a far cry from the minivans I've be shuttling those kiddos around in!

* According to Aaron "car's aren't cute.". I usually agree but that was the first thought I had when I saw it this morning. Its a free country{for now} so I say a car can be cute. What do you think?

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Laura said...

Cute! Driving a new car is so much fun!