Saturday, March 13, 2010

At 7:02 last night I was bumped off my WOTH pedestal by the return of the much loved and REAL woman of the house: Mom and Elizabeth came home early! Elizabeth wasn't feeling well so they thought it would be best to leave.

Not everything on my list was done, but it wasn't bad either!

To make the cleaning more enjoyable, I listened to episodes 1-4 of the BigBoo Cast. It was a highly entertaining wealth of somewhat useless but not the less interesting facts and stories. I can never listen to it when my family is home, so I took the golden opportunity and ran with it. If Mom hadn't come home early, I was on the path to cleaning and listening all the way through Episode 16. Cleaning out the bathroom closet lifted such a weight off my back. I had a trash bag and I knew how to use it. ;)
I have been to many debate/speech tournaments in my day. The top three reason they are not my favorite place in the world are as follows: too much stress, way too much arguing, and lastly but not lestly, not enough food{speech tournaments are good though}. I am also guaranteed to have some sort of emotional breakdown if my brother{s} don't make it out of the first rounds. Its not because I'm a sore loser, but because I always feel so bad for them if they don't win. I think I even feel worse then they do. The 20 minutes the director spends announcing who "broke" to the next round is like public torture for me. All that is to round-aboutly say that for the first time in my life I wish I was there for the "broke announcements" because my brother, my little brother Aaron, made it to regionals! I am proud. So very,very proud. If only I had been there. And if only I was feeling well enough to be there right now as he receives an award{an award for what we have yet to find out}.

Instead I'm at home...where the food is.

ps. I've come to the conclusion that it's much more fun to "be the mom" when the twins are here, then be the "wife" with no children around!

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