Friday, March 19, 2010

O the Books We Read

Part of O My Book Week at O My Family

My favorite chilrens book in no particular order, alphabetical or likewise.

On the Night You Were Born, by Nancy Tillman
Mom gave me this book when I was having my 18th birthday crisis. The crisis was not pretty, but the pictures and storyline in the book are beautiful.

Lawrence Welk's The Bunny Rabbit Concert, by Lawrence Welk
Long before Lawrence had his own weekly show, he performed for the bunnies on his family's farm. As a child who firmly believed that bunnies do understand what we're saying to them, I read this book over and over and over and over. Sometimes I didn't read the words, I just wanted to see the adorable, adorable pictures.

Francis Hook Picture Book with Bible Stories and Present Day Stories, Francis Hook

My Friend Harry, Kim Lewis
The story of James and his love for his stuffed elephant,Harry. They go everywhere together: the beach,the barn, even to school. Sort of like I used to take my stuffed animals{"my children"} everywhere. The pictures are so wonderful you can almost feel Harry's soft,fuzzy ears.

Becky's Birthday, Tasha Tudor
Becky's Birthday was another birthday gift from Mom. I don't think I had a crisis that year, but we all know that with great age comes great memory loss. Anyhow. Becky's birthday is in the Spring, as is mine. She was just learning to braid her own hair, as was I. Its almost as if we were separated at birth. The only difference was she lived in the beautiful world of Tasha Tudor.

The Most Wonderful Doll in the World, Phylis McGinly
The most accurately named book on this list.

The Velveteen Rabbit, Margery Williams, illustrated by Elizabeth Miles
"He was a real rabbit at last."

Mr Bell's Fix-It Shop, Ronnie Peltsman
He fixes everything except even broken hearts.

Fancy Nancy, Jane O'Connor
She puts the 'delight' into delightful.

Tacky the Penguin, by Helen Lester
The life and times of a charmingly tacky yet lovable penguin who's favorite{and only}articles of clothing are his Hawaiian shirt and checkered bow tie. His fav penguins to hang out with are aptly named Goodly,Lovely, Angel, Neatly and Perfect. I personally wouldn't like having to live up to such names.

Blueberries for Sal{and others by the same author}, Robert McCloskey
Any and all books by the one and only Dr Suess


AllisonO said...

Great kids books!

I know they're in "no particular order", but I love that first book the most! "On the night you were born..." is a great story. It makes me happy to think your mom got you a book like that in a trying time. She sounds like a good Mom.

Thanks for linking up, Sarah!

Sarah said...

Thanks Allison! I think she's a great mom too! :)

Julie said...

Yes!! We love Tacky the Penguin, in fact, we just read it again today!! Tacky the hero!!