Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The crocuses are blooming, the sun is shining, and the initiation of The Cross Country Walk with Katie has been completed. All it involves is talking to each other on the phone as we walk around our respective neighborhoods, but it makes exercising so much more enjoyable. I highly recommend doing the same with your own personal version of Katie.

Today also marks the beginning of my four day reign as the woman of the house. Mom and the twins headed to a speech/debate tournament leaving Dad and I here to hold down the fort. They have to be there so early every morning and will leave so late at night we won't see them. What do any respectable people do in the absence of their mother and/or wife?? Have a party, of course!!

We're thinking of having an ice cream/hotdog/Frenchs fried onions/whatever-else-we-can-find eating party while watching Dr Phil and Oprah. Its possible we'll watch movies til all hours of the night. We may throw in a little sliding down banisters and karaoke just for good measure.

It's going to be real exciting around here.

We do have backup plans incase we get bored: school and work{like the responsible people we are}, cleaning bathroom closets certain unmentionable parts of the house as a surprise for Mom, sewing, and filling out the FAFSA form{can't I possible just get its benefits without doing all the paperwork??}.

I told you the excitement never ends.

The first meal I make as Queen around here WOTH{woman of the house}involves chicken, cream of mushroom soup, and sour cream. OH, and French's fried onions. Can't forget those! :)

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