Thursday, August 12, 2010

Picture catch-up

Unless you count unloading the dishwasher and sweeping the floor as newsworth{which I don't}there's not much to report from the home front.

I will now take this opportunity to introduce the latest but totally not the greatest of my ideas reserved for such a time as this: I'm going to do picture catch-ups. It's not a revolutionary idea{see: not the greatest idea}but I have pictures that for whatever reason weren't posted and I feel they should be.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.
Elizabeth almost kissing the fish before they dissected it for biology.

I am witness to the fact that it did not, repeat DID NOT, turn into a prince.

Exhibit C.
After almost 6 months I've finally finished the sweater for baby Mari. It's such an embarrassment that it took so long but I do have a good reason. Whenever I would get stuck on it during the week I'd have to put it on hold until Sunday when Mrs. Blaser would rescue me from whatever mess I got myself into. If I think about the length it took to make by the number of Sundays in 6 months,it makes me feel much better. Hopefully it will still fit Mari because judging by the pictures, she's a chubby little baby but Erika thinks it will still fit so I'm hoping for the best. Stephanie can always save it for the next babies.

Tomorrow night I'm going with my not-related-to-me peeps to a baseball game for Erin's birthday. It's bound to be a big event because 1) Erin is turning 20 and 2) Katie has never been to a real baseball game. Every summer I try getting her to one but it hasn't worked out until now. Being that expert ball game attender that I am, I tried giving her some tips in the wardrobe department: DO NOT wear anything that has Johnny Damon's name on it. He may be a great guy and all, but ever since he left the greatest team on earth for the you-know-who's that play in New York and wear a big white NY on their hats, it's unacceptable to wear his name. It's really become a matter of personal safety. I, of course, will be wearing my Red Sox earrings and Jason shirt.

Jason Varitek, that is.

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Laura said...

Those pictures of the kissing of the frog made me laugh out loud!! Have fun at the game!