Monday, August 16, 2010

Take us out to the ballgame

Let's get one thing squared away before we go any farther discussing Fridays baseball game:

This is Erin

She was the night's MVBP{Most Valuable Birthday Person}and the reason behind our night out at the park.

Now that that's out of the way, we can move on. Because I live the closest to the ball park{for clarification,we went to see the Paw Sox, not the Red Sox}Autumn and Joanna came to my house for supper then we went together in Mabel{Autumn's car}to the game. We made an important stop on the way for some candy because after all, it was Erin's birthday which was the perfect opportunity for eating peanut butter cups and pretzel M & M's. Autumn also bought Chex mix because she was trying to be healthy or something. Little did we know that when they checked our bags, they'd take away our precious food for some unexplainable reason thereby robbing us of not only said food, but also the $10+ we spent 20 minutes earlier. The girl let us keep the M & M's{again,for some unexplainable reason}and told us "just put the other candy over there and you can pick it up on the way out." Needless to say, it wasn't there on the way out and we're pretty sure we know why-the girl ate it.

But moving on.

We sat in my favorite section-the first base line. We always sit there and I'm such a person of habit I probably would have been completely confused had we sat on the third base line.

For some reason I really like the dugout. I can't tell you how many pictures I have that look exactly like this but I always take one anyways. I love when they're all standing for the national anthem. Speaking of the national anthem, when the twins and I were doing choir we sang the national anthem there twice. The first time it was just ours and the second time was ours and the Canadian national anthem.

By the 4th inning things weren't going so dandily{is that a word?}for us. The other team felt the need to hit two home runs which gave them multiple runs and it was so not fair. At least we had the comfort of knowing the Paw Sox weren't losing due to us lacking enthusiasm. We were extremely supportive all night. So supportive in fact that we just about lost our voices. Three boys in front of us were, thanks to many beers and feeling the need to show off to the eight girls behind them,were so over-enthusiastic that they were escorted from the park. One of the boys tried arguing with the security guard which, in my limited experience with staff and security guards, is never a good idea.

I always wonder what the players are discussing at these little huddles. Surely they weren't discussing how to win since they were already leading 9 to 4. I think they were trying to decide what restaurant they should go to after the game.

These two were the life of the party. They belted out every single song and did beautiful renditions of Take Me out to the Ballgame and Sweet Caroline.

Katie and I didn't get to sit next to each other so her first baseball game wasn't completely and entirely perfect, but it was close. I didn't think of asking her who her favorite Red Sox player is but I'm sure it's Jason Varitek. I know that because we're bestest friends and we always think the same.


Keri said...

Ahhhhh...Pawsox...lightbulb! On Friday, I was like, "But Sarah, the Red Sox are in Texas!!" I love the Pawsox too. I used to live in Pawtucket when I was younger and we could walk (a looong walk) to McCoy. Glad you had fun!

Sarah said...

Keri,I was looking for you while I was there because I know you like baseball too! :)