Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Honeyballoon, part 2

Sunday morning we went on a tour of the TFL with Sam von Trapp, Maria's grandson. He told us interesting facts about his family, and about the differences between The Sound of Music movie and the book Maria wrote. I happened to be a fan of the book so I already knew some of what he told us, but it was very interesting nonetheless. (I always feel so smart when I say 'nonetheless'. 'In retrospect' is another that shoots me up on the feel-so-smart o'meter. I am now completely off topic and I've barely begun. Who knows what will come out of my mouth next.) 

After the tour, we ate lunch then got massages. It was a tough,tough honeymoon we were having. Once we were sufficiently rub,pulled, and oiled, we drove into town to see the sights.

I'm not sure what this sight was all about. 
He seems rather confused. He has a mermaid bottom half and a dog/lion top with some very pointy horse-like hooves. Like I said, it was rather puzzling.

Most of the stores were closed because we were visiting on a Sunday and during the off season, but we found an art gallery with some wonderful paintings. We didn't buy any as $6,500 seems just a tad pricy for a souvenir, but we had fun looking.
I love these dog pictures. They look so soft and fuzzy.

This bear was just hangin' 'round town looking for somethin' to do with his life.

Below you see a lovely river that flows over rocks and under a bridge. It was so lovely looking that we decided to take our shoes off and walk right in. 
I believe I lasted all of .5 seconds before my feet froze off and I started to turn into an icicle.  I may be born and raised in New England, but that doesn't mean I enjoy standing in running water that, at most, is -60 degrees.

This is my very favorite picture taken all day -and maybe all trip- while we were in (or would it be under?) a covered bridge. 
I know it's not right to boast and all that, but we're just adorable. 

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Emily said...

Looks like a lovely day, so glad you enjoyed your honeymoon!