Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

Yesterday I got on the train and came back home for Katie's college graduation.
Katie had never been to the theater the ceremony was held at, so during breakfast four family members gave her their versions of when to turn left and right. Unfortunately it confused Katie so much that we were lost no less than 15 minutes after leaving her house. I so wished I could help her out but I had never been to the theater either and even if I had, we all know I would have be NO help whatsoever because directions are hardly my forte. We quickly resorted to calling her mother,father, and oldest sister for help but none of them answered their phones. Our next action was to ask a man crossing the street if he had any idea where the theater was. He looked up from his cigarette long enough to say that he did not, so on we speed. We then asked another (non-smoking) gentleman and he saved the day by pointing us down the street in the direction we were headed. 

Catastrophe #1 was conquered only minutes before Catastrophe #2 appeared.

As soon as Katie parked the car, we ran for the elevator like a couple of crazy women in high heels. As the doors closed, we began the process of stuffing all her belongings in my arms so she could put on her cap and gown. The gown went on without any trouble but her graduation hood decided to be troublesome and get all mixed up. For whatever unknown reason, my mouth thought it would be wise to open up and say "give me the hood! I know ALL ABOUT those things." It was one of those moments that the words popped out before I thought about them because I had never in my life touched one of those hoods, much less put one on someone. It only took the time between floor 5 and floor 1 to discover that I do not have a future in Graduation Fashions. 

We finally made it to the theater and Katie went one way (presumably in search of someone to fix her hood) and I the other to find my seat. I am quite possibly one of the only people who finds graduation ceremonies slightly interesting, so I spent a few minutes preparing myself for the coming event. I love the song Pomp and Circumstance and considered playing at the wedding, but I didn't want the guests to be confused about what type of event they were at. I looked over every single name in the program and remembered that one of my goals in life is to become the person who receives honorary degrees at graduations. It sometimes seems all they have to do it show up and they are given a real degree without having to do the homework.

For years I have been telling Katie that she was by far the smartest in her class but she always disagreed. I was thrilled beyond words when she received an award reserved for those with the highest gpa (hers was 3.991) of the graduating class. Finally someone else told her what I had been saying all along.
She has rightfully earned the nickname Miss Smarty Pants.

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