Thursday, May 19, 2011

it's tough being popular

It has become apparent that when you visit your family and friends after getting married, everybody wants to hang out with you. It's tough being popular.

The first thing on my social schedule this morning was a visit to the mall with Marissa. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but we did spend a considerable amount of time telling each other that while we really liked a particular item, our bank accounts would not like us if we actually bought it.
Next was a trip to the craft store with Mom and Elizabeth. Obviously this was a trial for me, but we've all got our burdens to bear in this life. ;-)
We only had about 7,000 options when it came to picking out scrapbooking paper for tomorrows project.
We then traveled to Aaron's track meet with Grandma. Ever the eternal optimist, she looked at me and said, "it's a beautiful day to be at the games" as the rain poured down upon us.
That's Aaron in the middle looking to the right. Our friend Brady was racing also and he won the 100 meter dash in record time. I don't have a picture of him running because by the time the camera turned on, he was already at the finish line. He's fast as lighting,that boy.

My last, and probably, favorite visit of the day was with my fellow founding members of the Single Ladies Club and two of my very best friends, Joanna and Autumn! We had so much fun telling stories and laughing that we forgot to play Scrabble which has never happened in the history of the SL Club.  
One of the funniest moments was when the following conversation was spoken:
Joanna: "Oh guys, I have this friend..."

Autumn and Sarah: "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! YES????????"
Joanna: "...and he looks like a monkey."

That's not exactly what we were expecting her to say.

I LOVE Joanna and Autumn and can't wait until they come visit me!

ps. On Saturday I get to see (drum roll please)....Molly McButter!!!!

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