Monday, May 23, 2011

some people had a birthday

Yesterday we had a party for the twins birthday. Seeing how they were 7 just a few weeks ago, this birthday came way too fast. 
To help celebrate the big 1-7, a bunch of their friends came over after church. 
Hannah and Willigers were in attendance, OF COURSE. 
No party is complete unless the honorary family members are around.
Hannah Banana(not to be confused with Hannah from Savannah pictured above), Courtney, Nikki and Kelsey came too. I love them and was very excited they were there because I hadn't seen them since August. I've always liked Nikki, but when she started telling me all the plans she has for Kelsey's romantic future, I was so happy because it's not often I meet someone else who's so intent on matchmaking. (Kelsey kept denying that she likes a certain young man, but it was quite obvious that she really does like him because she kept blushing. Blushing is Sign #1 that love is quite possibly in the air.)
I attempted to decorate a cake in under five minutes which produced rather sad results. I am indebted to the can of Cool Whip for saving the day and making the crowd happy after it was cut up.

Don't they look SO HAPPY to share a birthday?! Look at the LOVE in those faces! You can almost FEEL the joy!

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Laura Darling said...

So fun! That's great that you got to be home for their birthday!

And as for the blushing thing...SO TRUE. My sister was in her school play this spring, and they did Godspell. But since it's an all girls school they brought in some boys from a local school and she has such a crush on the boy who was Judas. It's so funny though because she actually calls them their stage names. She'll be like "Jesus was late for practice today and then John the Baptist forgot all of his lines!!"

It's hilarious. But she always blushes when we say "Emily and Juuudas sittin' in a tree!"