Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Honeyballoon, part 4

Tuesday was our official Leaving Day and while Christopher did the responsible stuff like check us out of the lodge, I did the stuff I like and went around photographing things. It's an arrangement that has enabled us to have a very happy marriage thus far. 
This room had couches, tables and lots of Easter lilies, hanging plants, and various other forms of greenery. It was all very pretty.
Apparently Austrians think having animal heads up on the wall adds to the beauty of a room.
Since we missed this part of the tour on Sunday, we stopped by the cemetery where the von Trapps are buried. I almost said "where the dead von Trapps are buried" but that seems a little redundant, as well as quite obvious. 
We also drove by the cows one more time. In case it's not clear by now- we liked the cows.

All weekend long we saw signs pointing the way to Inky Dinky Oinkink. The signs were never clear what type of establishment it was, so it was a conversation piece for days. My guess was perhaps it was a tattoo parlor simply because of the 'inky' part. Not that I personally would name my tattoo parlor such a fluffy name, but to each his own. We stumbled upon it by accident as we were leaving and discovered that it is a very yellow bed and breakfast/tea garden. Very different than a busy tattoo parlor.  
Stowe happens to be the home of the Ben & Jerry ice cream factory and since we are not ones to turn down the chance to get free ice cream, we stopped for a tour. Tour guide Bob was no less than 6' 10" tall, a fact that has nothing to do with ice cream but is interesting nonetheless.
It was POURING on the ride home and we barely made it through the flooded areas without having to call Noah for assistance. As a precautionary measure,we had a lengthy discussion about how to escape a car the finds itself submerged in water. We do so enjoy light-hearted topics.
Thankfully neither Noah nor escaping a submerged car were necessary as we found the ferry to take us across the river. 
And so we returned from our honeymoon to our apartment. We both agreed that honeymoons are so fun that we should go on them more often(with each other,of course).

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