Friday, October 21, 2011

belated birthday wishes to important people

Due to the hubbub, topsy-turvyness, and general mayhem of my life lately, I forgot to wish two important people a public happy birthdayPerhaps this is why I have not been sleeping well at night. The OCD in me has made it very clear that this situation must be rectified pronto. 

Important person #1- Daniel the Big Brother, winner of the Cutest Couple Ever award for the past three years 
Andrew sent me a text the morning of Daniel's birthday (the 17th) that read, "Is 27 a geezer? Cuz I think dans 27." I was about to disagree wholeheartedly because Christopher will be 29 next month and if 27 is a geezer then that would mean (horror of horrors) I'm married to a geezer, but I let it go. There are some things that cannot be fully expressed in 160 characters. 
 Important person #2- Katie the best friend and recently twitterpated one due to the arrival of A Boyfriend
This year marks the 20th anniversary of our friendship!

Happy birthday to one and all!!!!!

Here's hoping I'll sleep better tonight.

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