Friday, October 28, 2011

there were way too many numbers involved in this shopping trip

I bought skinny jeans today. 

When they first became popular I swore I was not a skinny jeans girl. I believe it all goes back to a pair of pants I had when I was young that were such a terrible version of skinny jeans that I've had a bad opinion of them since. This week during one of my late night thinking sessions I decided that since I am in need of winter clothes and I saw skinny jeans at Forever 21 for only $10.50, I'd bite the skinny jean bullet. 

That is how I found myself standing in front of the jean section of Forever 21 at half past twelve this afternoon. To fully prepare myself for the life-changing event I was undertaking, I had made sure to wear my cute flats to the store so I could get the full effect of the outfit in the dressing room mirror.

I immediately ran into a problem while searching for my size- I had no idea what all their size numbers meant. I had been size 2 forever but recently I had to buy a pair of size 4 pants. (I got married and suddenly my waistline decided to expanded unnecessarily. True story.) Forever 21 only had pants that came in double digit numbers like 26 and 38. I KNEW that there was no way I had gone all the way from size 4 to size 38 in a matter of weeks, so I was very befuddled. I finally found a pair of size 28 jeans that, when held up to my unnecessarily expanded waistline, looked like they might fit. At this point I got up the courage to ask a girl about 6 years my junior to tell me what number a size 4 wearer should try on. She looked at me as if I had lost my fashion mind and said, "are you SURE you wear size 4??" in a voice that clearly meant she thought I was aiming too low. 

Was she really questioning on the size of customers waist?

"Well," I said, trying to defend my waist, "sometimes I wear size 2. It all depends on the brand." 

She told me what size to try on but failed to educate me on why someone who wears a size 4 (or sometimes 2!) should buy a size 27. A lady at Gap once told me that the numbers on their new jeans are a direct correlation to the number of inches around ones waist. I certainly don't carry a tape measure tucked in my pocketbook for such a time as this because WHAT NORMAL GIRL DOES THAT? 

For better or for worse, for size 2 or size 52, I now own a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.

But I do hope I'm not size 52.


Cassie said...

Following from Military Blog Hop.. From what it looks like your husband is Cav? If you mine is too.

Reccewife said...

You're so funny! I also recently took the skinny jeans plunge! And as a size 5 who also wears a 26, it always depends on the store, but I am pretty sure I would have hit that sales lady! :)