Sunday, October 9, 2011

leaf peepers and birthday partiers

This weekend I introduced Christopher to leaf peeping. He had never heard of it before, so I proceded to educate him. I told him leaf peeping is the term used by authentic New Englanders when they go out to view the fall foliage. He remained skeptical and insisted that it sounded like we were about to do something sketchy. After driving 'round the countryside for upwards of four hours, he finally realized that it is indeed a innocent sport. You'd think in those four hours we'd have seen some real POPPING OFF THE TREES color, but no, we mostly saw a mixture of green and brown leaves, as well as a good number of naked trees. We did see some lovely views.
As we discovered at the end of our leaf peeping adventure, all the pretty colors were basically right outside our front door.
Leaf peeping was hardly the only activity for the day. Because Christopher will be at school on his birthday next month, I had a birthday party for him! 
Do you this it was slightly unnecessary for me to use 'me' and 'you' place cards when the only people attending the party were the two of us? Feel free to call me Queen of the Obvious.
We had a lovely meal of pot roast, cornbread, and fried okra. Mr. Almost Birthday Boy was very insistent that he did not want cake, ice cream, or dessert of any kind. I was very insistent that I absolutely would not host a birthday party without candles of some kind, because what's a birthday party without candle?? I refused to lose the candle battle, so I made us cupcakes out of cotton batting and felt with candles stuck in the top. They were very low calorie desserts. ;)
My friend Katie from church took my picture for me so I could make Christopher a photo album to bring with him to school.
After cupcakes with candles and gifts, we played Ping Pong. I let Christopher win both games because it was his party. 
The morals of today's post are thus: if you need someone to explain leaf peeping to you, I'm your girl. If you'd like a low-calorie birthday dessert made, just see me. If you'd like pointers at winning ping pong, look elsewhere.  


Dandelion Momma said...

Someone in our neighborhood has a sign in their yard advertising ping pong lessons. I'll get you their number :) Also, I'm with Chris on this one - "Leaf Peeping" sounds like something that should be illegal.

Laura Darling said...

I've never heard the term leaf peeping! So funny! And I think those cupcakes look delicious! :)