Monday, October 24, 2011

Franklin and I believe in correct writing tools

When we began making plans for the move that sent Christopher off to school and me back to my family, we asked my mom if she would take the train up so that I wouldn't have to drive back to my homeland alone. We thought it would be fun to make the next few days into a mother/daughter trip!

After I dropped Christopher off at the airport Thursday morning (it was very sad event), Mom and I went to the Syracuse science museum. 
The next morning we drove to the Franklin Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.
This is the view from their house. I would have no objections to seeing this landscape every morning. 
It always amuses me to see the every day objects in these museums. Seen below, one of Franklin's pens.
I decided to recreate the above exhibit with one of my own pens. Who knows, sixty years from now people may be willing to pay fourteen American dollars to see something I wrote with.
The sign next to the pen will read:
Be sure to check the gift shop if you're interested in purchasing an authentic Sarah Olivia replica pen of your own.

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