Wednesday, October 19, 2011

moving on


Two weeks, forty-seven cardboard boxes, five rolls of tape, one big round of bubblewrap, four Sharpies, two packs of packing paper, and an unknown number of plastic bins, bags, and packages later, we have officially moved out of our very first apartment.

I think now would be the perfect opportunity to take a VERY LONG NAP.  

A nap, however, is not in the cards for my immediate future. Christopher and I are traveling down to the Big City this afternoon where we will go on our last date before he leaves for school in the morning. Our date plans revolve around food (obviously), the shoe store, and possibly the movie theater. I love dates with Christopher. He's my very favorite husband/roommate/person to play games with.
In very unrelated news, did you hear that a THIRD couple got engaged through Kelly's blog? It makes me so happy that other people are finding their one true love! (For those just tuning in, Christopher and I met through her blog last year.) I think that Christopher and I should get together with the other couples for Kelly's Korner Kouples get together. :)


Mary Ann said...

Moving is super exhausting. I'm glad you've got it all done. Enjoy your date!

Semper Wifey said...

Cute wreath! And happy date day! :)