Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cars,Cold, and the Colonel

For our second night together, Katie and I went to spend the night at their friends house. The family is spending a few months in England and told Katie it was perfectly fine if anyone from her family wanted to sleep over while they're gone. How could we resist an offer like that?

Leaving Katie's was delayed by about half an hour due to the fact that we needed to put antifreeze fluid in the car and the hood wouldn't open. Katie and I have never claimed to be car experts of any kind, but even we know that when fluid of any kind needs to go in and the hood doesn't go up, something is wrong.* To make a long story short{you're most welcome}, Dad informed us via cellphone that we could probably make it there without breaking down{very comforting thought}but he wanted us to stop at a gas station on the way to ask for help. Joe at the Shell Station, I am forever indebted to you for proving us all{especially Dad}that Katie and I were not alone in our inability to make the hood open.

* somewhere around minute 25 of this fiasco, I started wondering if Katie and I will really be able to drive to PEI by ourselves.

fast-forward to the point when we make it to our destination without breaking down

The heat hadn't been on in the house for a few weeks so we spent almost an hour after arrival like this:

Exhibit A
Not seen in above photo: triple-layered socks, gloves, scarves, and two layers of sweatshirts under our jackets.

Exhibit B
These self-portraits brought to you by my slowly-dying camera.
Propping said camera up on a pile of books precariously stacked on a small step stool almost pushed it over the edge.

Exhibit C

When feeling returned to our fingers, we exchanged Christmas gifts. Katie made me this beautiful blue and white necklace that I wore to a bridal shower on Saturday. Believe it or not, Exhibit C is the best picture we were able to take with our gifts. Its no easy thing to set up the camera,run back to the couch, dive under the blanket without crushing Katie, and be holding up the gift AND smiling all within 10 short seconds.

Joy and Jennie came over after supper to eat popcorn and watch the new Sense and Sensibility with us. I like the older Sense and Sensibility{with Kate Winslet}, but now I like the newer one better. I feel so, so much better about Marianne marrying the new Colonel Brandon! I mean, really. I'm sure the older Colonel Brandon was fine, but he doesn't even look like he's in the same generation as her! Thanks to Lucy's sister, now we know how to catch all the "smart beau" that we need! ; )

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