Monday, January 18, 2010

Jonathan and Rachel's Wedding

Saturday afternoon we celebrated the wedding of Jonathan and Rachel. The church and reception hall had beautiful wintery, outdoorsy, woodsy decorations made by Jonathan's mother. It was a very bittersweet wedding because Rachel's father was recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease{ALS}and they weren't sure if he'd even be able to walk her down the aisle. He did,but you could tell that it was very hard for the whole family. I almost cried and I only know one member of that family! I felt so bad for her two unmarried sisters because I'm sure they were thinking that their dad might not be there for them when they get married.
The ceremony was beautiful for two main reasons: 1) they are almost one the cutest couples ever{Daniel and Erika are THE cutest} and 2) Andrew was the Best Man. I was so proud I wanted to stand up and say "that's my brother up there! Do you see him?" : )

Lissy and I were inseparable the whole night

I love this picture of Daniel and I.
We've spent so much more time together since he got married that I almost feel like I'm getting to know him again. Its such a nice feeling!

We even danced together!
{I was happy about it even though I don't look it!}

Marissa was one happy dancer

Aunt Nancy and Aunt Carolynn
They love dancing like this together; their mom has a picture from when they were little doing the same exact thing.

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