Friday, January 29, 2010

A Not-New News Announcments

Since one wedding within 4 months clearly isn't enough for one family, Andrew decided to jump on the proverbial bandwagon the week of Thanksgiving by proposing to Debbie. That's right, we'll have another wedding in our family on February 20th!

We're all in the wedding: Mom and Dad{they are, after all, the parents of the groom}, Daniel escorting me, and the twins walking down together.

We're hosting Debbie's second bridal shower tomorrow afternoon. Mom made and designed these invitations to match the colors of the wedding, purple and white, and I suggested putting the on little diamond circle stickers.

I'm in charge of decorations{tissue paper flowers are the main decoration}, making mini cupcakes{see the cute cupcake cups?}, and generally ensuring that sure things run smoothly. I've also been designated the official Run to the Store When We Run Out of Essentials delegate.

I love hosting parties so I'm very excited about seeing it all come together tomorrow. Just possibly I'm most excited about the decorations and cute little cupcakes. But not because I made them or anything! ;-)

ps. How much do you want to bet,based on past experience, that I won't get pictures of this wedding up until next May??


Keri said...

Wow! You are busy! Weddings are so exciting!

(I have confidence in you... I say APRIL!) ;)

Sarah said...

Thank you,Keri! I am so glad *somebody* has confidence in me! ;)