Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Voting Book

I absolutely love voting.

When I was little, I counted down the years until I would be able to fill in the little oval. Just because I wasn't old enough however doesn't mean I didn't let everyone know who I was "voting for". My pride the very first time I voted was only slightly dampened when the lady behind the table looked up at me and asked, "how old are you? 12 1/2?". Um, as a matter of fact, NO.
I've voted 5 times since turning 18{every time the doors are open I AM THERE}and every time I get an 'I voted' sticker. Being my scrapbooking self, I didn't want to throw them away but I also didn't want them just sitting on my shelf doing nothing. And so I present, without further adieu, my voting book.

I'm going to record below each sticker the date and who I voted for. I think I'll also write whether my candidate won or not even though my voting success record is a little very sad: only 3 people I've voted for have won. Ever. Oh well, hope springs eternal. Hopefully I'll have atlest 60 more years of voting ahead of me!

If I post something tomorrow that means my candidate won. If not,it's because I'm in deep mourning and may not recover for a very.long.time.

Massachusetts, my dear home state, please please please don't let me down. I know you can do it!

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