Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

* When Elizabeth said with a sigh, "I think I’m going to stop asking God to make me good because I don’t know if it’s working", I did not reply "well, He’s just too busy making your sister perfect." Would I ever say something like that?? Apparently.

*My resolve not to eat candy or sweets did not fail miserably on like, the second day.{Seriously, it really is odd that I even have to make such a resolution because I have never been one of those people who needs to eat candy and chocolate all the time. I don’t know what happened after January 1st, but now BAM I see it and I want it.}This scenario did not occur while I was babysitting at Carols on Thursday{after I had already had something like oreo balls earlier that day}:
1. See peanut butter cups{another favorite candy} in the cupboard while getting out the pasta
2. Tell myself I don’t need them because I’ve already had enough sweets this week
3. Notice they’re from Trader Joes and tell myself they have got to be more healthy then Reeses{right?}.
4. Eat one. My strength of resolve is simply staggering.
5. Tell myself{please reread steps 2 and 3; telling myself things isn’t always successful}no more sweets! Period! Til next week!
6. Molly asks for chocolate covered berries for her after supper treat. {Any idea where this is going?}
7. I’m not going to have any, right? Next week isn’t here yet, right?? I didn’t eat any, right???
8. I defiantly didn't push my conscience under the rug and use this logic to justify eating some: "I’ve never had that kind of chocolate covered berries before. I’ll just have a couple. And look, they’re from Trader Joe’s too so they must be healthy. Bonus point: its fruit and fruit is GOOD FOR YOU!".
9. Incase you’re wondering, the peanut butter cup and the chocolate covered berries were very good!
I’ve also started a new resolution not to eat any sweets this week until Debbie’s bridal shower on Saturday. Who knows, things might be going so duckily that I won’t even want any. Oh wait, what if I make fudge pie or cupcakes? I’ll just be sure to see lots more fruits and vegetables to make up for it! :-)

* I think I’ve revealed enough to you of what I did didn’t do. I feel so much better...except for when I think of what I just revealed to the whole wide interweb. Let’s just hope no possible future husband reads this. "Well, she said she'll marry me but sometimes her strength of character in sticking to what she said is awful! Dude, do you think I should take back my offer?!" ;-)

* I just remembered that I wasn’t me who go overly excited to see a Lindt Store{my all-time favorite chocolate}the other day because I had no idea they even have stores. It wasn’t me who immediately began trying to convince Mom to stop there. Nope, not me!

{ps. Please don’t enter this. I’m only letting you know so that I can get an extra entry and not because I like letting others know about pretty things in the world! Don't even bother going here if you like gray and/or yellow. I'm just saying.}

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