Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Busy Bus

The very-busy-but-very-fun-week bus came rolling through my life this week.

Since I already blogged about our stay at Gram's, I'll jump right to Thursday. My friend Erin graduated with her Associates Degree in early childhood education so I went up for her party. The theme was Hawaiian/preschool . Its an odd mix, but the Hawaiian part was due to the fact that she and her siblings had bought Hawaiian decorations to use for a surprise 30th anniversary party for their parents only to be told in no uncertain terms that they didn't want a party. Rather than waste the decorations, Erin used them. I had a nice time visiting with Joanna,Erin, Katie{we couldn't get over seeing each other three times in ONE week},and all of Katie's 10 siblings. After I left the party, I went over to spend the night with Daniel and Erika. I got there at about 10:00 so I only saw Mr. Early Bird for a few minutes. Erika and I, however, stayed up talking til after 12:00. Sometimes girl talks out-weigh even my love for sleep. :) The next morning Erika and I went out for coffee and then went for pedicures. I'd never had a "real" one before,so it was a nice thing to share with her. We went to her office for a few hours then went shopping. It's so fun shopping with someone who's not constantly asking how much longer we're going to be{not that Aaron ever does that!}! We both bought purses at the first store so between the two of us we were carrying around four purses on our shoulders. We got a few looks for that. We took a quick walk around the neighborhood after we got home then I got back on the busy bus.

The next stop was back to Gram's/her daughter's to to help watch her grandsons. I don't think two cuter children have ever walked,or crawled as the case may be, the face of the earth. Dad's always telling me I say that about every child, but it is really true this time. I just couldn't get enough of their chubby softness and giggles. Oh,the giggles! I rocked Evan to sleep but couldn't make myself lay him in his carseat. One of my very favorite things in the whole world is holding a sleeping baby and I wasn't about it give him up a minute sooner than I had to. I kept kissing him{kissing babies is another top favorite thing}and thinking that it doesn't really matter if I become a preschool teacher, a Child Life Specialist, a cowboy, or an astronaut as long as I'm a mother with my own little babies to rock to sleep.

The last big event of my weekend was going to my little buddy Noah's Little League game. I meant to go to a game last year but didn't so I wasn't going to let this year get by me too. He looked so grown-up and cute wearing his baseball uniform and blowing bubbles with his gum. It's pretty safe to say that I have myself a new favorite baseball player{but Jason Varitek will always be THE favorite}! Noah was a little hesitant to say much or show much affection towards me around his teammates, but the minute he got home he was giving me hugs and saying "can you play baseball with me before you go? Please?!".

And so ends a very long description of my life that could have been summed up in way less than half the words: I went to Daniel and Erika's , babysat Ryan and Evan, and went to Noah's baseball game. I think all the words just make the story a little more exciting. :)

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